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“Forgive the very belated huge THANK YOU for the amazing workshop you delivered to our Alumni.  The feedback  has been very complimentary (see attached).  I have never seen our Alumni leave so happy.”

“I cannot describe how useful and relevant the workshop has been. I have savoured every moment of it. I have started using the tools and techniques I have learned almost straight away. My thinking has changed, my outlook of life transformed! Thank you Pam and the Alumni Team!”

“This was one of the most enlightening seminars that I have been to and it was more useful than I ever thought that it would be.”

“This event was highly interactive and enjoyable, the time passed very quickly.  I came away with tools that I can use again and again when trying to make decisions about work, career and life in general. An excellent day!”

“You don’t know what to expect until you attend. Spectacular.”



by Pam Lidford on 13 Jul

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