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Pam Lidford

Trainer, Coach and Communication Facilitator

Pam loves working with people who want to change the way they see their life and inner world. She particularly enjoys working with belief systems and values, both of which are the driving force behind choices, motivation and taking action.

Her favourite tools for change include NLP, Thought Field Therapy, Reflective Repatterning, Tapas Acupressure Technique and Time Line work.

She has created and continues to deliver, on a weekly basis, a wide range of training programmes to a diverse level of course participants from junior employees to Chief Executives.

She has extensive experience in both private and public sectors in-house as well as freelance in the role of coach/trainer/consultant and tutor.

She trains thousands of people each year in personal development and many go on to becoming professional coaches. Pam also coaches, mentors and supervises coaches on a regular basis.

ICF PCC 2018
Timeline EFT 2018
Psych K 2017
Trainer of the year 2015
Coaching Academy – OCN Distinction 2003
NLP Master Practitioner2006/7
Thought Field Therapist, Dx, VT 2005- 2010
Coaching Supervisor CSA 2010
IIP Communication Skills for Managers
IIP Influencing Skills for Managers
IIP Leadership Theory for Managers (including disciplinary process)
C & G Teaching level 4
C & G Training and Development Skills Assessor /D32/33 (upgraded A1 2007)
Developed and wrote the first BTEC accredited courses in Coachingand communication skills
Basic counselling skills – Relate



by Pam Lidford on 18 Apr

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