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"I have achieved more career wise in the last week than I have in months"

After only one session with Pam, I feel as though a dam has been unblocked and a flow of passion and inspiration has been pouring out ever since.

At the heart of this has been Pam’s skilful support in helping me reconnect to my life’s purpose – after which my career direction gained great clarity.

I have achieved more career wise in the last week than I have in months, feeling ‘on-track’ and am now extremely excited about where I’m heading.

I wouldn’t have thought this was possible with only one session given how stuck and scared I was beforehand.

I owe you a great debt of gratitude already, Pam, and am very much looking forward to our coming sessions.

Who knows where I might end up!

Carrie Rose

"Pam is a genuinely caring influence"

Meeting Pam brought a genuinely caring influence into my life acting like a catalyst unlocking my ambitious nature.

Since our sessions I have never looked back, I now find myself always on new journeys. Pam is professional, disciplined, efficient and has a wealth of experience to share, it’s just those little words or an email that will help at the right moment that opened me up to new opportunities..

I have gone from employed, shy and in a comfort zone to self employed, I have started a business and am continuously educating myself and making more interesting friends.

V Patel

"Made Me Feel at Ease and Relaxed"

I was unsure how I would feel about working with someone I didn’t know, but you have made me feel at ease and relaxed.

The sessions have helped me to become more aware and see what I want and how to move towards achieving it.

Richard Wilson

"The realisation has been liberating"

Pam is energetic, committed and focused. Her course (of coaching) has helped me to recognise where fear has held me back in many sectors of my life.

This realisation has been liberating and has enabled me to take positive action towards a future I want rather than the one I would almost certainly have ended up with.

Thank you

M. Stanley


Thank you so much for my session last week.

I was really not in a very good place & as always your skill, love & care helped me see things more clearly.

Re the overwhelm – I haven’t felt it since the coathook experience! Amazing

Kay Gill

"Ground-breaking Sessions"

I want to thank you for your amazing coaching / supervisory / mentoring support over the last year.

You are an inspiration and I feel privileged to have worked with you at this early stage in my coaching career.

Using that combination of broad expertise, profound insight, uncanny intuition and a refreshingly creative approach – lets not forget your amazing box of tricks – you have helped mold my mind away from a habitual worrying, unfocused and questioning state into a ‘can do anything is possible success thinker’.

And I am flying tomorrow with anxiety levels at virtually zero!

Juliette Levy

"She has the most amazing listening skills"

Pam has helped me understand myself at a much deeper level than ever before.

She has the most amazing listening skills that get to the heart of the issue and helps you move forward quickly.

Since working with Pam I have gain clarity, focus and confidence beyond anything I thought was possible. Pam’s style of coaching is very gentle but extremely powerful, I cannot recommend Pam highly enough.

Pam Ballantyne



by Pam Lidford on 13 Jul

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