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Research shows that women in particular underestimate their abilities and performance whereas men are likely to overestimate both. Their performances do not differ in quality. Confidence is key in terms of promotion and doing well within a career and is an area I love to work with on both with teams and individuals.

I’ve worked with a number of large organisations in the role of consultant, trainer, coach and mentor supporting them with bespoke training programmes as well as one-to-one coaching centred on areas such as; confidence to apply for promotions, performance anxiety, public speaking, leadership, change, embedding a coaching culture, communicating effectively, managing negative interpersonal relationships and powerful goal setting to improve performance and productivity.

People I’ve worked with say nice things about how they feel and the positive results they get after we’ve worked together. I am very much a performance and results oriented coach and use my past business and corporate experience to work closely with a large variety of well-known companies.

Over the many years I’ve worked as an independent coach I either work alone or as part of a larger team, my work enables me to work alongside all members of the corporate sector, managers, senior managers, team members, directors and CEO/CFO’s. Goals are set and results are measured against the performance requirements of an organisation.

I like to explore and understand the dynamics, processes and culture of an organisation and during our contracting process will uses traditional coaching methods and skills, psychological tools and Neuro Linguistic Programming to help my clients reach their goals.

In addition to more than 24 years of business experience, I am university educated, have Psychology, Teaching and coaching qualifications, (ICF and TCA) am a mentor, hold BTEC & City and Guilds assessment qualifications; am a master NLP practitioner, and a Coaching Supervisor

As well as being a freelance trainer, I also work as a coach trainer and have created and delivered a substantial percentage of coaching qualification courses.



by Pam Lidford on 13 Jul

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