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A Confidence & Mind Fitness coach for over 18 years, Trainer/Facilitator, Coaching Supervisor and Mentor who works strictly within the ICF's code of competencies, helping coaches, executives and individuals like you, strengthen your confidence, mindset, professional and personal performance as well as your mental and emotional well-being.

The world of coaching has changed, not only are powerful questions necessary, we also need a range of tools and assessments to help you develop lasting new habits not just insights.

As a confidence and mental fitness coach I bring you information you couldn’t access through questions alone which support you in understanding why you sabotage yourself, why you find others difficult to get on with and why you feel negative emotions such as rejection, irritation, disappointment and confusion when setting goals career or otherwise.

During the past 20+ years, I've been privileged to work with 1000's of people, been voted top coach as well as Trainer of the year. I work with teams, groups and 1-1 with corporate and personal clients.

If you want to make life changing shifts in your career, coaching practice or personal life and want to work with a coach who has lots of energy and empathy whilst remaining solution focused then I'd love to speak with you so please contact me on 07703 271261 or at


16 Seconds: Debunking The Myths Surrounding Manifestation

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16 Seconds brings together the logical world of coaching with the energetic field of the law of attraction and is an ideal read for anyone seeking to learn how to confidently manifest what they want.

Using goal setting, energy, vibrational understanding and their relationship with the brain it enables readers to confront their personal limitations, beliefs and negative thoughts with a plethora of actionable tools and move towards their goals with greater ease.

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Ultimate Belief Change Tool Kit

Pam’s Ultimate Belief Change Toolkit includes:

  • 6 hours of audio which includes techniques, stories, tools, a demo of how to coach using tools and a number of different exercises
  • a workbook to follow along with
  • and bonus video demonstrations of the main techniques

This product will give you a set of life changing tools both for your personal and professional use with clients too.

Pam has cherry picked specific techniques which will help you shake up old patterns and behaviours, challenge and even change limiting beliefs, diminish feelings of overwhelm, reduce or remove old images that cause you distress and so much more.

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Ultimate Belief Change Toolkit