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Mentoring offers you, the coach, an opportunity to bring both your personal and professional topics to a session.

You may require mentoring so you can apply for your ICF ACC or PCC accreditation which involves 10 hours of 1-1 mentoring on the core competencies over a 3-10 month period depending on your time frame for submission. You will also be invited to record at least 2 coaching sessions which we will listen to together with the competencies in mind.

For more information get in touch with me on 07703 271261

Or you may require mentoring because you want to look at:

  • How to pass your coaching qualification
  • How to set up your business
  • How to create a marketing plan
  • How and where to start with social media
  • How to write your workshops or online programme

Mentoring is a 50/50 relationship, it’s about you and me working together on your coaching goals, I will offer you my professional experience and guidance on topics you bring to the session.

When we work together you may want me to answer questions you don’t know the answers to. You may want me to share my stories of success and failure (lessons learnt). You’ll want to ask me questions to fast track your results, I’ll ask you leading and closed questions as well as open ones and though I don’t tend to give advice, if it’s needed, I’ll provide it as it’s part of mentoring.

For more information get in touch with me on 07703 271261



by Pam Lidford on 13 Jul

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