My mother was right!

Well aren’t they mostly?  Her message was always about health being more important than money. Yet health is something many of us take for granted until we no longer have it. How are you looking after yours?  And what can you do more of to maintain it?

My mother’s saying (still to this day), is ‘you’ve got nothing without your health’.  Now I’ve never questioned that, I’ve just never really thought about it, of course she’s right, of course it makes sense, but health, if we are blessed to have it, is something we take for granted until we don’t have it, isn’t it?

A short while ago, I caught a bug, nothing to be too bothered about, a cold, or so I thought, yes it made me tired, drained my energy, made me cough and sneeze, hurt my throat, so what, everyone gets them, some more than most.  But I don’t tend to, so it was a nuisance, never mind it’ll be gone in a few days I thought, as it got progressively worse.

By day 4 I’m thinking, right enough of this, tomorrow I’ll be better, but tomorrow came and went and with it brought a headache like I can’t ever remember having before, I felt like I had the hangover of hangovers, and then the sickness kicked in, I couldn’t believe how sick I felt, I couldn’t stop coughing (a hacking cough is the best description) and the cough made my head hurt more and the more I hurt the more I want to be sick.  It was so bad I was bedridden.  Now that ‘s unheard of for me, I haven’t been this unwell for over 20 years, I couldn’t work, that is unbelieveable, I couldn’t eat, that’s pretty unusual too! I had no energy, I couldn’t speak to anyone, I felt like I was on my way out, I kid you not. And it lasted over 2 weeks.

And it got me thinking about all the amazing people I’ve worked with in the past who have and still are handling long term illnesses, who have no choice but to handle it, I struggled with 2 and a bit weeks, they’ve had months, sometimes years of low or no energy, sickness and pain, some with help and support and some without.  And I wanted to acknowledge them (they’ll know who they are) and also acknowledge good health.

I’m so grateful for my health, with my health I can do pretty much anything, I can work, I can eat, I can have fun, I can go out, I can achieve my goals, but without it I struggle, it was a good and timely reminder.  So I promised myself I’d frame and then put my gratitude poster on the wall of my new office that I’ve had sitting in a spare room for 6 years!! To remind myself each and every day how grateful I am to (mostly) have good health.  How grateful I am to be able to make good choices that support my health (I’m reasonably good at this), how gratitude for my health and so much more, though fashionable at the moment, is something to remember each and every day.

The benefits are in case you didn’t know: you can’t be genuinely grateful and fearful (or anything negative) at the same time, so if you have limiting beliefs or fears it’s a great way to challenge them.  Give it a go.

Being genuinely grateful changes the chemistry in your body/cells and is healing. Heartmath did research into this topic and the Living Matrix a DVD.

Gratitude makes you feel tingly and positive and good all over and if you feel like this you can pass it on to those around you and help make them feel good too.

Most of us have so much to be grateful for.  Maybe you could start thinking about what you’ve got to be grateful for today and then make it an everyday habit, and remember to include your good health.

So thanks mum; I’ll remember to keep your message firmly in the front of my mind from now on.

Pam Lidford is a coach and trainer and is here to help you with any personal or professional development goals you may want to work on.

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Pam Lidford is a confidence coach and trainer and is here to help you with any personal or professional development goals you may want to work on.

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