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Coaching is 100% about you, the client, there’s no advice, no guidance, no leading questions or sharing of stories. You will come to a session with a goal in mind (don’t worry, I help you formulate that part before we start working together). You want something you don’t yet have and are now ready to get it, or you don’t know what you do want, but you do know what you don’t want.  Again this isn’t a problem.

As your coach my job is to help you get clear about specific future goals you want to achieve with a date on, I’ll help you break your goals down into manageable steps (milestones), you choose which of the steps you want to work on first and from there we’ll set a session goal. 

We’ll then look at what’s going on for you right now, your strengths and areas for development, what you’ve done and what you haven’t.  We’ll catch any limiting beliefs and work with them in a way that suits you, directly with questions or by using tools such as NLP if you choose to, you’ll consider what could be done but hasn’t, what other people may have done that you might consider and talk about what you absolutely will not do.  On completion of that, an action plan is created, you’ll select the actions that resonate with you, have deadlines in place and be motivated to go and take action between now and when we next speak.  

I will ask you open and probing questions which I know you, the client, have all the answers to and if you don’t, you’ll come up with who you can go to for help and advice (it won’t be me, your coach).  

Coaching allows you time to think and explore ideas around your goals that you may not have made time for before. In coaching you are SEEN and fully HEARD just the way you are without judgement.  

Coaching gives you an opportunity to have your ideas reflected back to you so you can see if they sound realistic or not for who you are in this moment, knowing that if they’re not, you can always set important non-tangible goals, such as feeling fulfilled, finding your purpose, feeling motivated, etc, instead to enable you to grow into the version of yourself that may be required in order to achieve the goal you want. On leaving the session there’s a good chance you will feel motivated, ready to act and energised.

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by Pam Lidford on 13 Jul

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