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Ultimate Belief Change Tool Kit Bundle HALF PRICE


Ultimate Belief Change Tool Kit Bundle HALF PRICE


Bonus Video 1 Introduction

Bonus Video 2 Introduction


Course Contents: 6 sessions and 2 videos and a Downloadable PDF Workbook

You’ve probably tried so many things before and found nothing works so how is this audio set different to all the other things on the market?

The Ultimate Belief Change Tool Kit is a unique collection of different tools and techniques that you can listen to, one track at a time, wherever you are, over and over again. Each track is stand alone and contains nuggets of useful information for you to transform your life and make positive changes to it.

Do you have limiting beliefs you’d like to let go of or change? Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you procrastinate? Have you any memories or images from the past that trouble you? Do you know what your values are (audio 4) and why you do what you do in your career and/or relationship? Is there a part of you that holds you back from achieving your goals and dreams because of fear or another emotion? Have you tried other forms of personal development but still feel stuck?

If you answered yes to any of the above this set is for you. The Coat hook exercise (audio 6) will set you free of overwhelm, the TV exercise (audio 2) heal memories from the past that could be causing you to procrastinate in the present, the Eye Scrambler (audio 3) will allow you to let go of any painful memories or images that belong in the past and set you free of them, The Castle (audio 1) reminds you who you really are and the Belief Mesh (audio 6) helps you weave away any limiting beliefs, you’ll also discover more about your values and what’s important to you and even more.

Brain experts say to maximise outcomes each person requires their own intervention so they can learn something new or make change happen, that’s why I wanted to cherry pick some of the best and most powerful techniques for lasting change and put them together in one place so you could dip in and out and select the ones that suited you and your learning style.

Time is precious, how much mental and emotional energy have you wasted worrying about what might happen in the future, or wishing you could change the past? How often have you wished you could just feel at peace instead of feeling anxious? How debilitating is it when you have so much to do you just don’t know where to start? Wouldn’t it be great to move on? And if you’re a coach how amazing would it feel to be able to use all these techniques on yourself AND your clients, having them rave about you and the added value you bring to their sessions.

The audio set costs less than a coaching session and the content will help you change your life, what’s that worth?

Pam has trained in numerous areas over the past 30 years, coaching, psychology, NLP, TFT, EFT, Reflective Repatterning and many more and discovered that no one of them held the answer for everyone when it came to changing emotional states or letting go of limiting beliefs, hence the creation of this set.


“As one of the coaches on the coaching academy PPD course, I bought your DVD set and have not only successfully used many of the techniques on myself but have started using them with my clients. Thanks for providing such great tools and techniques”

Graham Norris

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